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Michigan State University professor Joan Rose is the 2016 recipient of the Stockholm Water Prize, announced today at the United Nation’s World Water Day celebration in Geneva. The Stockholm Water Prize is the world’s most-prestigious water award.

Joan is being recognized for her research on microbial risk to human health in water, her successful translation of the science to policy makers, and for her leadership in developing the tools and guidelines required to give policy and regulatory life to the science.

“This prize is known the world over and brings so much attention to water issues, and I am so very honored to join the previous accomplished winners,” Rose said. “With this honor comes an opportunity to speak about some of the most difficult problems of our century and water quality is one of those. Water is at the core of sustainability, and water quality affects the bio health of our planet, with humans, animals and plants equally impacted. It also affects our food security, our economic opportunities and our well-being.”