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Use of CAMRA Wiki

CAMRA researchers welcome submissions to the Wiki. Key quantitative information is needed to undertake a QMRA. This begins with problem formulation and includes articulation of the venue, hazards, exposure pathways and necessary data. We have developed forms or will be developing forms which can be used to fill in key information regarding.

Pathogen Safety Data Sheet (PSDS) HAZ ID
Exposure Assessment
Risk Characterization

For Pathogen Safety Date Sheet (PSDS):

Echovirus morbidity rate
Francisella tularensis morbidity rate
Giardia mortality rate
Influenza morbidity rate

Wiki administration

New logo on upper left to replace CAMRA emblem (since this will be QMRAwiki in the future)

Proper favicon (to replace the 'filmstrip' favicon currently used)

Scrub all bot-generated user accounts

Improve CAPTCHA for creating user accounts - it's currently implemented, but some bots know how to pass it.

New Pages


Other Ideas

About CAMRA (beta)