Table of persistence models

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This table summarizes the persistence of various microorganisms in different media under varying conditions. It is an exercise in determining the best way to store the large amount of persistence data in a database that can be easily queried. Please comment in the talk page (click the 'discussion' tab above).

The 'Data' column describes the availability of the data from the experiment: 'Raw' means that the complete original dataset is available; 'Dig.' means that the dataset was recreated by digitizing charts from the reference; and 'NA' means not available.

The number of time points does not count the initial measurement (time point 0).

Time is measured in hours in all cases.

Agent Best fit model Optimized parameter(s) T99 Strain Medium Conditions # time points Units Data Ref.
Bacillius ficticius JM2 k1=0.2, k2=0.001 5 ABC 'Country gravy' 20C 4 CFU NA [1]
Clostridium wadayucallus Gompertz k1=34,k2=0.35 38 Unknown Moist sewage sludge 25C, RH 60% 8 CFU Dig. [2] More...
  1. Kirk B (1985). Country gravy is bad for you. Journal of Meat Byproducts 67(3):293.
  2. Yu U (1972). Survival of C. w. in sewage sludge. Sewage Sludge Quarterly 23(2):28.