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Dose-Response Calculator

The Dose-Response Calculator provides the user with a tool that greatly reduces the work it takes to perform a risk assessment. The tool offers an automated dose response calculator, which the user simply has to select a pathogen and input a dose to generate a completed dose response. An added feature of this application is its connection with the QMRAwiki, which provides a dynamically updated list of pathogens and models that the user can select from.

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Live dose-response graphs

Graph and compare different dose response models in real time:

Try out the graphs

Note: This app uses software ('shiny' package in R) that is still in beta.

Cost-benefit analysis example spreadsheet

We have a simple example of cost-benefit tradeoffs for a scenario of decontamination following an anthrax event. File:RiskMgtAnthraxDeconExample.xls

See also cost-benefit analysis elsewhere in this wiki.

Apps and tools on other sites

Risk assessment tool for contaminated meat (Excel spreadsheet from National Technical University of Athens)

Article regarding the above tool