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<h1><a href="mailto:pgurian@drexel.edu">Patrick Gurian</a></h1>
<h1><a href="mailto:pgurian@drexel.edu">Patrick Gurian Ph.D.</a></h1>
<img src="../images/Gurian08.jpeg" alt="Patrick Gurian" class="editorimage" />
<img src="../images/Gurian08.jpeg" alt="Patrick Gurian" class="editorimage" />
<p>Editor for: Risk Characterization</p>
<p>Editor for: Risk Characterization</p>

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Patrick Gurian Ph.D.

Patrick Gurian

Editor for: Risk Characterization


Patrick Gurian is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering. He holds a doctoral degree in Engineering & Public Policy and Civil & Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests are in risk assessment, including both chemical and microbiological biological health risks. His past work includes developing statistical simulation models for assessing drinking water risks, conducting exposure assessments for human health hazards in peri-urban settlements in the developing world and in inner city Philadelphia, and developing decision making frameworks for responding to bioterrorism incidents.