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Welcome to the CAMRA Microbial Risk Assessment Wiki (CAMRAwiki)

This website is dedicated to delivering the most up-to-date information and knowledge which CAMRA has developed in the QMRA field. Out future goal is to become a central repository for QMRA knowledge and data. It is our intent to be a peer reviewed wiki where if users or visitors wish to add to our wiki they are welcome to submit their proposed addition to camra@msu.edu for one of our experts to review for inclusion to the wiki.

This site is intended to provide easy instruction about QMRAs as well as data to perform your own QMRAs.

Links on the left allow you to access pathogen information that CAMRA has compiled. Each pathogen has a Pathogen Safety Data Sheet (PSDS) that gives a brief overview of the hazard and its associated risks.

The four key areas of microbial risk assessment (MRA) are the following:

Thank you for using CAMRAwiki.

This work was supported by EPA/DHS CAMRA Center Grant RD832362, but this wiki does not necessarily reflect the opinion of either the US Environmental Protection Agency or the US Department of Homeland Security.