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Infrastructure for Health and Ecosystem Risk Assessment

An Indo-US Collaboration Building Resources for Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment

1 Microorganisms in Air
2 Microorganisms in Water
3 Toxicology
4 Health-Related Data Interpretation
5 Human Health Risk Aassessment
6 Laboratory Methods

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The IHERA project brings together experts from India and the USA to integrate knowledge in the field of risk assessment, transmit this knowledge to the next generation of risk assessors, and identify knowledge gaps and research collaborations. The project aims to achieve the following three specific objectives:

  1. Develop a course curriculum on ecosystem and human health risk assessment with special reference to microbial contamination
  2. Train students, regulators, teachers, engineers, and researchers using developed course material at both I.I.T. Delhi and Drexel University, and
  3. Identify research projects on human health risk issues. These objectives will be achieved through expert’s interactions at a curriculum development workshop, during collaborative preparation of course materials, and while team teaching during faculty exchange visits.