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Welcome to QMRAwiki! We really appreciate your insights and contributions to this website. Anyone can freely browse QMRAwiki. To contribute to the discussion pages on the QMRAwiki, you must first create an account: click here and follow the easy steps. To be able to edit wiki pages send us an email with your user name, some background about yourself and why you want to edit the wiki and we will then allow you to make edits.

It is easy to start editing wiki pages. Just click on the “edit” tab at the top of a wiki page, or if there are several sections on one page, you can click on the section-edit link to make edits on that section. Then it will bring you to a page which contains the editable wiki text of this current page. In this text box, you can type in text using the wiki markup language which will be illustrated in the following. You can add tables or upload images to the QMRAwiki as well.

Some pages cannot be edited directly. However, every page has a 'talk' (or 'discussion') page, which you can access by clicking the 'discussion' tab near the top. If you want to change a page but cannot edit it, please mention it the discussion page, and our staff editors will implement it.

QMRAwiki runs on MediaWiki software, just like Wikipedia. The full MediaWiki documentation will help you on QMRAwiki also. Wikipedia also has a very helpful quick reference for editing.


<!-- This is a comment and will only appear in the edit window -->

''' Three single quotes make things bold font '''
'' Two Single quote make things italic font ''
<u> Underline  </u>
<del> strikethrough </del>
<sup> superscript </sup>
<sub> subscript </sub>
<big> make font bigger </big>


----                     <!-- This will add a horizontal line across the page -->
== Heading 1 ==          <!-- This will allow media wiki to make the default TOC -->
=== Heading 2 ===
====Heading 3 ====       <!-- Mediawiki will only recognize three headings levels
<center> center the text </center>
<br />                   <!-- Line breaks -->

* Bulleted lists are easy
** more asterisks make more levels
*** and making <br/> new lines does not alter alignment

# numbered lists are easy as well
## numbered lists obey the same rules <br/> as the bulleted lists
### There is a limit to the number of
### levels you can go down

# You can also use numbers and bullets together
#* Thus you can mix and make interesting ordered lists
#* quite easily as well
# and continue numbering

: indenting without bullet or number
:: obeys the same <br/> rules as well
: and uses a different symbol


<!-- For tables this is the border arrangment that we use all of the | symbols need to line up -->
<!-- {| starts the table   || defines new columns  |- defines that a new row is starting or the other one is finsihing -->
<!-- |} closes the table

{|                                                    <!-- These top 3 lines will not change other than renaming the caption -->
{| border = "1"
|+ '''Table Caption'''                                <!-- for a link use  [ '''Table caption''' -->
! Column A 
! Column B					      <!-- Headers are defined thusly and are automatically bolded and centered -->
| A1                                                  <!-- Two ways to define cell entries -->
| B1
| ''A2'' || '''''B2'''''
| text or numbers go in (1,2,3,4,5) || rows adapt size to fit values <br/> starting a new line is easy too
| colspan = "2" align="center"| merged columns
| colspan = "2" align="right"| Right alignment
| colspan = "2" | left alignment
| rowspan = "2" | merged rows
| only for that column
| Thus thus column is normal
| And you can add Greek letters || <center> α Α δ Δ </center>


[ CAMRA Website]
[[Dose response assessment | Internal linking to Pages like Dose Response]]

Images and PDF files

[[File:Exponential and betapoisson model.jpg|thumb|none|550px]]
[[File:Altboum2002_Banthracis_BPScatter_1.png|thumb|left|500px|'''Figure 3.1  Parameter scatter plot for beta Poisson model ellipses signify the 0.9, 0.95 and 0.99 confidence of the parameters.''']][[File:Altboum2002_Banthracis_BPModel_1.png|thumb|none|500px|'''Figure 3.2  beta Poisson model plot, with confidence bounds around optimized model''']]


Say that you want to add a code fragment, you can make a text block that stands out This is performed by starting the first row with a space then the text for the box between <nowiki> TEXT

resultsbp <- mle(dev.bp,start=list(logalpha=-0.2, logN50=10),
        BP_MLE <- matrix(ncol=4,nrow=1)
        YBPget <- logLik(resultsbp)
        YBP <- -2*YBPget[[1]]
        bpalpha = exp(jb["logalpha"]); bpN50 = exp(jb["logN50"])
        BP_MLE[,1] <- YBP;
        BP_MLE[,2] <- bpalpha;
        BP_MLE[,3] <- bpN50;
        BP_MLE[,4] <- BP_ID50;
        colnames(BP_MLE)<- c("Minimized Deviance","alpha","N50","LD50 or ID50"); 
        rownames(BP_MLE)<-(" ")
        write.csv(BP_MLE, file="betPoisson_MLE_output.csv") 

Wikis are meant to allow anyone to easily add their thoughts & content, so just jump in and do it. Once you log in, you can edit any page by clicking the 'edit' tab at the top. The links below provide practical details about editing. If you want to experiment before altering an actual page, you can do it in the sandbox (you can go there anytime via the sidebar also). QMRAwiki is an implementation of the popular MediaWiki program.

General info on editing wiki pages: Editing Wiki

Quick wikitext 'wiki markup' reference

Adding images can be tricky. The easiest way is to: 1) create the tag for the image file in the page you're editing, 2) save your edits, and then 3) click on the filename (which will be displayed in red inside a box); this will allow you to upload the file to the wiki.

Copying Tables

  • If you want to transport information from QMRAwiki to Excel: 1) Highlight every cell in the table; 2) Right mouse click and click copy; 3) Open Excel; 4) In the Home tab of Excel click the down arrow below the paste icon; 5) click Paste Special...; 6) Click either Unicode Text or Text and click OK. All the data from the QMRAwiki table is now in Excel.
  • To transfer from QMRAwiki into LibreOffice or OpenOffice: 1) Highlight every cell in the table; 2) Right mouse click and click copy; 3) Open your spreadsheet (Calc); 4) Click Edit > Paste Special...; 5) Choose 'HTML Format' and click OK. All the data from the QMRAwiki table is now in LibreOffice Calc.

The list of special pages available in QMRAwiki will help you understand what meta-information is available about the content of QMRAwiki. It is always available at the bottom of the sidebar.