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Wikis are meant to allow anyone to easily add their thoughts & content, so just jump in and do it. Once you log in, you can edit any page by clicking the 'edit' tab at the top. The links below provide practical details about editing. If you want to experiment before altering an actual page, you can do it in the sandbox (you can go there anytime via the sidebar also). QMRAwiki is an implementation of the popular MediaWiki program.

  • Special Characters: like Greek letters (α), accented characters (á), math symbols (±), etc. (copy and paste them directly into the edit box)
  • Cite references and create bibliographies using: <ref> tags
  • Adding images can be tricky. The easiest way is to: 1) create the tag for the image file in the page you're editing, 2) save your edits, and then 3) click on the filename (which will be displayed in red inside a box); this will allow you to upload the file to the wiki.
  • The list of special pages available in QMRAwiki will help you understand what meta-information is available about the content of QMRAwiki. It is always available at the bottom of the sidebar.