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Welcome to QMRAwiki! We really appreciate your insights and contributions to this website. Anyone can freely browse QMRAwiki. To contribute to QMRAwiki, you must create an account. Click log in/create account (top left) and follow the easy steps. Send us an email with your user name, and we will then allow you to make edits.

It is easy to start editing wiki pages. Just click on the “edit” tab at the top of a wiki page, or if there are several sections on one page, you can click on the section-edit link to make edits on that section. Then it will bring you to a page which contains the editable wiki text of this current page. In this text box, you can type in text using the wiki markup language which will be illustrated in the following. You can add tables or upload images to the QMRAwiki as well.

Some pages cannot be edited directly. However, every page has a 'talk' (or 'discussion') page, which you can access by clicking the 'discussion' tab near the top. If you want to change a page but cannot edit it, please mention it the discussion page, and our staff editors will implement it.

QMRAwiki runs on MediaWiki software, just like Wikipedia. The full MediaWiki documentation will help you on QMRAwiki also. Wikipedia also has a very helpful quick reference for editing.

Anyone can view the information on the CAMRA wiki. To post on our discussion pages, you must first create a User account here. If you wish to add contributions to the wiki, you may contact our staff to change your account status to an Editor. Please submit your request along with information about your background and reason for wanting to be an Editor. Click here to contact QMRA wiki staff to change your account status.