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Welcome to the QMRAwiki, the QMRA community's portal for current quantitative information and knowledge developed for the Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) field. It is an evolving repository for QMRA knowledge and data available to the risk analysis community.

QMRAwiki is an information, modeling and tool environment housing necessary scientific quantitative data and models for building quantitative microbial risk assessments (QMRA) and addressing the transmission of infectious disease in humans, animals and plants. QMRAwiki has been led by the Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment (CAMRA) Co-Directors, Dr. Joan B. Rose from Michigan State University and Dr. Charles N. Haas from Drexel University.


QMRAwiki is dedicated to high quality knowledge and peer reviewed science.

QMRAwiki holds a large collection of dose response models for human pathogens, which are at the core of understanding disease transmission. We plan to expand this to animal and plant pathogens.

QMRA builds frameworks for bringing different information together. It interfaces with mathematics, microbiology, medicine and public health fields. QMRAwiki facilitates exploration of microbial hazards, their transmission and survival in indoor and outdoor environments, the risks they pose, and the management approaches for mitigating these risks, following the National Academy of Sciences recommendations. [NRC (National Research Council) 2008. Science and Decisions: Advancing Risk Assessment. Washington DC. National Academy Press]

QMRAwiki welcomes all scientists, students and professionals interested in one health, environmental protection and homeland security. Your contributions will help to build the QMRA community and will increase the usefulness of the QMRAwiki.

QMRAwiki was launched in 2011. Its editors and contributors continue to add quantitative information regarding hazard identification, dose-response, exposure assessment, risk characterization and risk management. Thank you for your interest.



Affiliated Groups

The Center for Advanced Microbial Risk Assessment at Michigan State University