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Referencing is a bit tricky with <headertabs/>. Headertabs are based on headings: they essentially display each heading in a single wiki page as a tab, making it look like multiple pages to the user. In order to get a single common references list on each tab, do the following:

=Tab 1=
Tab 1 content <ref>Blah & Schnorr, 1928</ref>
=Tab 2=
Tab 2 content <ref>Arch & Schnargh, 1923</ref>

This will display a page divided into Tab 1 and Tab 2, with a common reference list used by each tab:


Tab 1 content [1]

Tab 2 content [2]


  1. Blah & Schnorr, 1928
  2. Arch & Schnargh, 1923