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All references in QMRAwiki should be formatted according to 'Harvard - Oxford Brookes University' style in Zotero. Zotero is free software for managing references, bibliographies, and research paper collections. Download Zotero at [1]; it works best as a Firefox extension, but there is also a stand-alone version. To install the style, open Zotero, click the little gear icon, and then click Preferences > Cite > Styles > Get Additional Styles.

Example of a properly formatted reference (Zotero can automatically format references so you don't have to do it manually):

Akinbami FO, Erinoso O and Akinwolere OA (1995) Defaecation pattern and intestinal transit in Nigerian children. African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences. 24 (4), 337–341.

All references in QMRAwiki should also be properly formatted using standard wiki markup (using <ref> tags) to automatically generate bibliographies for each page. This is very straightforward; see the documentation [2] to see how it's done.

If you find an improperly formatted reference in QMRAwiki, please fix it.

Dose response summary tables

There is an example here [3] of how to format a table summarizing multiple dose response models. All cells in the table must be filled. If an abbreviation is necessary that is not in the glossary, please add it to the glossary. Use a plural noun for 'Host type'.

Page titles

Each pathogen has multiple pages associated with it. Such page titles should lead with the pathogen name, followed by a colon, followed by the type of page. For example: Bacillus anthracis: Dose Response Models.

General tips

  • Always italicize scientific names (genus and species, e.g., Acer rubrum). If the genus is used by itself, it must also be italicized. The first letter of a genus is capitalized; species names are never capitalized. Note that viruses and prions do not have genus and species designations, so virus names are not italicized.
  • Scientific notation should be represented with a capital E representing '10x' and should include either a + or a - for the exponent; for example, 25000 should be written 2.5E+04.