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HTML font formatting

In general, you shouldn't need any of the following:

Bigger <big>Bigger</big>
Smaller <small>Bigger</small>
24 pt orange text in serif font <span style="font-size:24pt;color:orange">24 pt orange text in serif font</span>

These are all standard HTML. MediaWiki recognizes most standard HTML, including the HTML alternatives for italics, bold etc. However, HTML markup involves lots of < and > markers, and can be less readable than wiki markup. HTML wizards should try to use wiki markup where possible so new users only have to learn one system.

The nowiki tag

The nowiki tag is <nowiki> ... </nowiki>. Use this tag when you want to show the markup.

More Info

  • Basic Editing tutorial - Just enough to get started: Entering Edit mode for existing pages, creating new pages, adding Links, basic formatting (italic,bold,bold-italic), Subheadings, Categories
  • Intermediate Editing tutorial (all on one page) - For users who want more control over appearance: Indenting, Lists, Image and table basics. Basic templates, Including content from one page into another. Individual tutorials:
    • Lists
    • Images
    • Tables
    • Citations/referencing [1]
    • Templates - includes how to include content from another file, as either an editable or noneditable copy
  • Advanced Editing tutorial - Advanced topics: for those who will be building templates, and those who just want to know what else can be done