Dose response models for Entamoeba coli

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Rendtorff (1954) administered Entamoeba coli cysts (strain unknown) to male human prisoners by the oral route. The dose units were cysts, and the response was infection.

  • N50 = 340.78, 95% CI 17.314 to 2,081,588
  • α = 0.1008, 95% CI 0.02635 to 0.2597

The deviance of this model fit is 5.04 with 3 degrees of freedom.
The p-value for the null hypothesis of goodness of fit is 0.17.
The p-value for the null hypothesis that the beta-Poisson model fits no better than the exponential model is 1.81E-6.
At a dose of 340.78, the expected percentage of hosts that would suffer the response would be 50%.

Scatterplot of N50 and alpha
Dose response model with confidence intervals


Rendtorff RC, 1954. The experimental transmission of human intestinal protozoan parasites. I. Endamoeba coli cysts given in capsules. American Journal of Hygiene, 59(2), 196-208.